Jenny Casey CD Release Party and Band Anniversary Bash
Jenny Casey CD Release Party and Band Anniversary Bash

Hello Folks! The CD Release Party was ROCKIN'!!! We came to ceIebrate the release of the album ROCKIN' THE HOUSE, and to commemorate our 1 year anniversary as a band. I saw many of your shining faces there, and had a most wonderful time! For those of you who weren't able to attend, I thought I'd give you a little recap of this wonderful night that YOU helped make possible. 

The event was held at one my favorite venues, a quaint country Cajun cafe in Whites Creek, Tennessee called Ri'chard's, returning to the place where my first full-band show ever in Nashville took place. We opened up to a packed house with family, friends, and fans, with sounds sizzling from the open kitchen, and a buzz of excitement in the air. The tables were decked out with programs, hats, noise makers, Jenny Casey 'fans', beads, lighted cups with crayons, and a commemorative caricature coloring sheet I drew of the band, complete with a crossword puzzle and wordsearch on the back (must be the teacher in me!) We even staged a 'rocking chair' section up front for those who just had to... well, rock! :) 

The band tore it up with crowd favorites like 'The Mother Load', 'Shoes', and 'Forty,' while voices from the crowd sang out to every lyric. Harmonica and fiddle solos by Freight Train and Kasey Armstrong soared through the room, and the steady beats and colorful tones of Tom Larson, Ric Bowers, and Steve Goodie kept guests stomping their feet on the hardwood floors. Band members, the duo The Red Wine Effect, and even cafe owner Richard Trest himself wowed the crowd with their guest performances, while John Forcinelli engaged everyone with his impeccable emceeing. Indulging in my indecisiveness, I chose three outfits for the show, changing from pink to black, then finally to the blue and white album cover dress. Serving up a little sweetness, my daughters and I baked a two-layer chocolate sheet cake with buttercream frosting and M&M's. This WAS a party, after all! 

Topping off the night, guest performers The Grape Juice Effect (ages 10-12) strutted their stuff in Farrah Fawcett wigs, dancing and singing background vocals to the song. Then, did their own mellifluous performance of 'Wagon Wheel', accompanying themselves on ukulele, with an admiring crowd watching and singing along.

For a fun and festive twist, items were raffled off to several lucky winners. Prizes included a Dish Man Survival Kit (can you guess?), guest artists merchandise, a Ri'chard's Cafe gift basket, a custom portrait done by me, and the Cracker Barrel album cover rocker. Lucky fellow mother of four (twins x 2!) and veteran Nashville radio DJ Darlas Rai won, giving the rocking chair the best home I could ask for!

And finally, the exciting announcement was made. There seemed to be something Swiss.... no, it wasn't a Miss, or a watch, or cheese. It was the announcement of my upcoming Swiss tour! This summer, 2014, I will be traveling to several cities in Switzerland to perform at various venues. Then will be returning in the fall for an exciting country music festival in Grindelwald!   

A huge success, loads of fun, and more to be grateful for than I could ever imagine! The ROCKIN' THE HOUSE CD Release Party and Band Anniversary Bash will always be one of my fondest memories and proudest moments ever. My deepest thanks go out to each and every one of you for taking such a great part in everything, and for making all of this possible. Now it's time to take this to the next level. We're on a journey, and I'm not sure where it will lead. But the exciting part is definitely the ride itself! 

All My Best,

Jenny XXOO

CD Production: Steve Goodie, Pitch Perfect Recording, Nashville, Tennessee

Venue: Ri'chard's Cafe: Whites Creek, Tennessee

Videography: Tim Thurber, UPRO Productions, Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members:  Jenny Casey (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys) Steve Goodie (lead guitar) Ric Bowers (bass) Tom Larson (percussion) Chris 'freight train' Floyd (harmonica, bgv) Kasey Armstrong (fiddle) Dee Draeger (mandolin) The Red Wine Effect (bgv) The Grape Juice Effect (bgv, back-up dancers) John Forcinelli (emcee)

Guest Artists Performances: Chris 'freight train' Floyd, Steve Goodie, Richard Trest, The Red Wine Effect, The Grape Juice Effect